A quick review of the stage, detailing the overall route, the route in 1km sections, route elevation profile and route curvature profile.

2.1 Stage Route Preview

Static map, significant corners highlighted:

2.2 Segmented Route

1km route sections, aligned to read left to right; significant corners highlighted.

2.3 Speed Estimates

Estimates of speed along the route according to a very simple acceleration model.

Kilometer section speeds (kmtime is time in seconds to complete that segment; avspeed is in km/h):

kmsection section_length km_time av_speed maxspeed
1 0.99 35.821478 99.49338 145
2 1.00 38.075664 94.54858 145
3 1.00 36.053458 99.85173 145
4 1.00 35.818970 100.50540 145
5 1.00 30.681342 117.33516 145
6 0.04 1.473654 97.71630 145

Anticipated stage time: 2m 57.9s

Speed profile chart: this chart shows the anticipated speed over distance into route on a per kilometer basis (the green area is flat out, the pink is the sort of slow you see at a hairpin):

2.4 Elevation and Convexity Index into Route

Elevation and significant curvature vs distance into stage:

(Note that this uses a different curvature measure to the route plots; specifically, the curvature measure used here is the convexity index.)

Elevation delta signature — order the severity of height changes over each 10m section of the stage:

Split section elevation profiles can be found in the stage km section summary table.

2.4.1 Left and Right

How does the stage vary in terms of left and right turns?

Order the severity of right and left turns over each 10m section of the stage:

Kilometer segment convexity index signatures can be found in steg stage km section summary table.

Table 2.1: Five longest straights (m)
Distance into stage (km) Straight length (m)
4.17 90
1.73 290
0.44 70
0.27 70
0.19 70

2.4.2 Sinuosity and Straightness

Sinuosity and straightness are technical measures with specific defintions. They may or may not be that useful for route analysis in their current form. The intention is to try to find ways of identifying variously “interesting” kilometer stretches.

(#tab:sinuosity_table-3)Stage segmented into 1km sections: SS01 KASARANI STAGE 2021
km sinuosity straightness route elevationPlot convexityProfile
1 0.16201629 0.5465834
2 0.12831403 0.1642201
3 0.16611088 0.3211862
4 0.12892208 0.5518591
5 0.06254729 0.7361678
6 0.35404404 0.9452239