1 Introducing WRC Telemetry

Whilst a rally is in progress, a limited amount of telemetry is available from the live mapping facility. This comes in the form of GPS location data for each vehicle at a low sample rate. This data can be collected and used in real time to give us a means of identifying approximately where on a stage a driver might have lost time compared to another driver. Essentially, we can use the data to create effective split points every 200m or so along a rally stage, rather than every 5km. In addition, we can use the data to identify whether a car has stopped on a road section, and for how long.

More detailed telemetry data can be found on the WRC+ website several hours after a stage has run. This is at a much higher sample rate and includes speed, RPM, throttle and brake data. This allows us to make basic comparisons of drivers’ actual performance on a stage at the end of each day of running.